Wisconsin Microboard™ Association


This is a ‘placeholder’ for our website that is clearly under construction.  Watch this space for new material in the coming months.

If you’re contacting us by email, you will need to type in the email address manually.  The addresse to the right is not a live link because we’re trying to avoid the addresse being ‘mined’ and sold by marketers.


A Warm Welcome

about us

The Wisconsin Microboard Association is a community nonprofit dedicated to assisting individuals and families to establish Microboards in the State of Wisconsin.

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contact us by phone

  1. Ruth Adix (715) 855-8988 or

  2. Deanna Yost (715) 292-4145


Free webinar at your convenience!

The Star Raft - Building Sustainable Personal Support Networks, One Small Step at a Time

The Star Raft is a method for building and sustaining individual support networks that are person-centered, family-friendly, and anchored in authentic community connections.

This illustrated webinar is presented by David Wetherow, creator of the Star Raft model and co-creator of the Microboard model, which now supports over 2,000 people worldwide.

Contact us if you would like to schedule a customized showing of this webinar for your organization or group.